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Hair Restoration for Women?

Do you want to know about hair restoration for women?

Two decades ago, hair restoration for women programs were not available as they are today.  In fact, women only had the option of purchasing and wearing a wig or a hairpiece; however, that solution would not work today because today’s women are much more active. 

If you are among the tens of millions who suffer from hair loss, there are many hair restoration for women options.  Do not let Androgenetic Alopecia (female baldness) control your life any longer.  Consider the following hair restoration for women treatment options. 

Hair Restoration for Women – Products

Minoxidil (Rogaine), originally used to treat high-blood pressure patients, has been approved for hair loss in women.  It has to be applied on the scalp two times per day to help stimulate hair growth.  The formula works by opening up shrunken hair follicles to re-stimulate hair growth all over the head.

Birth control has been used to stimulate hair growth in women because it increases estrogen production.  In fact, many women take oral contraceptives to prevent thinning hair. 

There are many other pills such as V-P for Women - A scientifically approved synergistic formula to attack thinning hair, hair loss and allow for meaningful growth for women. Contains SEPIA, known as a natural aid for hair loss control. 

Hair Restoration for Women – Wigs and Hairpieces

Many women may not feel comfortable using topical ointments or going for surgery for hair restoration.  With that said, wigs and hairpieces are still one of the most popular options to cover up hair loss.  Women can choose between synthetic and human hair.  Synthetic wigs and hairpieces generally cost much less, than human hair wigs; however, they are prone to stiffness and frizz when not cared for properly.  Human wigs and hairpieces are more costly; however, they are softer, feel natural and last longer than synthetic ones.

Hair Restoration for Women – Surgery

Unfortunately, very few women are good candidates for hair loss surgery (in fact, less than 5% are good candidates).  Many women have hair loss all over the head including the sides and back, which are areas that act as donor sites in men.  In hair transplant surgery, hair is removed from the sides as well as the back areas of the head, and is placed on the areas where hair is thin. 

Hair Restoration for Women – Laser Replacement Therapy

A non-invasive form of hair restoration for women is laser hair therapy.  This treatment stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth.  In fact, laser replacement therapy has shown to stimulate growth in more than half of the hairs that are in the resting stage. 

During laser replacement therapy, patients sit under a dome-shaped light that emits low energy lasers.  The skin absorbs the light and the blood supply is stimulated as it reaches deep scalp tissue.  Laser replacement therapy patients usually undergo a series of treatments.  When laser replacement therapy is combined with other forms of hair loss treatment such as Megaderm, candidates can achieve great results. 


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