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Apollo For Women

Fewer women suffer from hair loss than men, but if you have thinning hair, that's not much consolation.

For centuries, women with hair loss simply put on a wig and that was socially acceptable. Today, however, a wig isn't appropriate for women with active lifestyles. Besides, a wig just doesn't have the natural look that so many women are looking for.

Leave it to Apollo to create the best possible solution for women's hair loss.

When we designed the Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction procedure, we knew that women were looking for the same kind of natural, easy to maintain hair restoration that men can now enjoy.

There are differences though, and Apollo can cater to the needs of the woman with thinning hair.

Whereas men are interested in a natural looking hairline, we know that soft, beautiful hair is the key to successfully restoring a woman's hair. With ACR, it's your hair, with all the bounce and shine.

Gone are the days of styling your hair to conceal, or wearing a hat to cover a thinning area. Now, thanks to Apollo, you can style your hair any way you like, and love the look.

So, if you thought Apollo was just for men, remember that we're the only company in the world that can say "more hair...GUARANTEED."

That's our guarantee to you, the woman with thinning hair.

Apollo Clients

See the before and after photos from a few of Apollo's clients.
Topical Treatments for Women

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Laser Therapy for Women

Apollo announces the arrival of the FDA approved Hair Max Laser Comb.
What about Me?

Apollo offers solutions for everyone. Let us find the perfect solution for you.


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